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  1. Hi all, I've been struggling with severe anxiety and depression for a long time, but recently it is to the point where I have difficulty leaving my house or even getting out of bed on my days off. It hasn't affected my work performance, in fact I've been picking up extra shifts just to keep myself busy. I've never been to a counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist and I have heard horror stories about nurses who do. Will I be reported to the board for asking my doctor to refer me for mental health, or if I receive a psychiatric diagnosis? I want to go get help really bad but I cannot afford to lose my job or my license. I have no family who can help me should I become unemployed and no other skills to fall back on. Most of my colleagues and patients tell me I do a good job, and I don't feel like my reasoning or concentration is impaired at work (I don't receive complaints, have never made a serious error, and receive good evaluations). I'm terrified of getting referred to TPAPN (I practice in Texas) to the point where I've delayed going to see a doctor, but I'm not sure I can put it off much longer before I completely fall apart. Can anybody give me insight to what happens when a nurse is treated for a mental health disorder?