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  1. OnlyHim

    CSICU nurse to pt ratio??

    What advice would you provide to a new grad. What type of information or knowledge base do you think would be helpful for me to at least be familiar with when it comes to the interview process? I have a few years ER experience as a tech...
  2. OnlyHim

    CSICU nurse to pt ratio??

    What's the typical nurse to patient ratio on a CSICU? Does having no more than two pts still feel like you're caring for 4 or 5?
  3. You guys are amazing! Thank you for your advice. Your comments really brought things into perspective for me. I will say that I just accepted the ER position! How easy would it be to transition into an ICU though?
  4. I totally understand. I think I'm just thinking about knocking out all student loans within a short period of time. One of those "type A 5 year plan" type of people lol
  5. Both would be FT. 3 days on for both with every other weekend. I think the concern of the schedules overlapping is what I'm considering. One has a 12week orientation and the other is variable...
  6. I have a few years ER experience as a Tech in a Level 1 Trauma Unit. I know that it's really different transitioning from tech to nurse, but I'm confident in my work ethic and wanting to be in acute and critical care...
  7. Have you ever been offered two positions in the fields that you really want to be in and accepted both? One position would be in the SICU/MICU and the second would be in an ER. The positions are in two different hospitals...is it possible to work both units at the same time??