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  1. afarson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    I noticed a change on the my.fiu.edu today, next to the application status on the main page there is now an option to apply to the honors college. It wasn't there yesterday. Did this show up on everyone's page? Thanks for the insight, the waiting is killing me.
  2. afarson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    What did you do your BS in? I'm curious if they will take that into account.
  3. afarson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    So still no word on interviews. This seems to be taking a really long time.
  4. afarson

    FIU BSN Accelerated Option Program

    Hello, Has anyone heard back about interviews? I had an email that asked to please disregard a denial letter (I never received one) and now nothing. It seems like they are taking a very long time to send information about interviews. Thanks for any info.