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  1. NotableNP

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Yes! I received my lump sum today from NHSC. I was cosigned on 9/14. So it is coming and this is pretty awesome!!!
  2. NotableNP

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Thank you so much for helping me locate this information! It would be more of a burden if the $50,000 payment was included as income and because it is not, it is a huge relief. This is my second year applying and I got the NHSC contract. Last year I applied for the Nurse Corps LRP program and was denied. I do believe the Nurse Corps LRP program uses the dept to income ratio to help determine who gets the award along with a few other factors.
  3. NotableNP

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Mine was countersigned today! I applied to NHSC LRP and received the finalist letter on 8/24 and was countersigned on 9/14. Site score is 17. Such a relief after the very long wait; So very thankful!! Keep the Faith.......
  4. NotableNP

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I received a Finalist award in June and have not received a signature yet either. I guess we will all know something by 9/30.
  5. NotableNP

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I received my Finalist email today! I applied for the NHSC LRP as an NP. Site score 17 don't know my debt to income ratio and I'm not sure if that matters. I hope that those who are waiting receive good news soon!! Good luck everyone....
  6. NotableNP

    A little venting, from a new nurse

    Welcome to nursing! It looks glamorous on TV but the moment you step out on the floor and receive your shift report, reality steps in. Just do the best you can.
  7. NotableNP

    Was It Worth It?

    Was It worth it? After working on the floor for 18 years and seeing new nurses come and go, the question was not should I make the move but more like when will I make my move. Working for a hospital meant long hours, rotating weekends, working on Holidays and zero autonomy. At the end of a busy shift, you still had to give report to an on coming nurse with an attitude. As a NP, I work from 9 to 430 in a nice quite office with a view. The NP program was intense but I would have paid double for this opportunity. So if you are on the fence about this decision, think of your future and go for it.

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