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  1. britthelpn

    Career advice?

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I signed my life away in the form of a car loan last February to buy a brand new jeep (gas hog as you said) since I live in the country & have to get to work regardless of weather. I think you're right, Monday Im going to call my DON and see about getting my old position back. Maybe I can negotiate a pay raise that would make the commute less of an issue.
  2. britthelpn

    Career advice?

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post, if not, my apologies, I'm new to the site. So, I've only been a LPN since January '15 and I've been at the same job since then. It's a LTC/Health and Rehab facility about 30 minutes from home. I recently changed my satus from FT to PRN there to accept a job at another LTC/health and rehab facility much closer to home. I'll be making about the same amount of money, but saving a lot in gas since it's only a 10minute commute. However, I just don't care for the place. Don't get me wrong, my old job had plenty of faults, but I was used to it. I knew the place, the people, the policy, the systems, etc. like the back of my hand. Now that I'm starting over some place new I'm beginning to seriously miss the things I took for granted. I worked 3-11 at my old job, which I love but I also like 12hr shifts which is what I work at the new place (6p to 6a). I hate night shift, not because I sleep at night, but because I'm so used to that being my "me time". I don't much care for the people at this new job either, they act like high schoolers with their gossiping and cliques. I'm not sure I'll ever fit in and I can't stand the cutthroat cattiness. My patient load was already heavy working 3-11, I had 30 patients all on my own. 6p to 6a I have anywhere from 40-50 patients. Some with high acuity. Feels overwhelming and quite an absurd amount to provide quality nursing care to be honest. My old DON loves me and has made it clear she wants me back. Is familiarity and comfort worth sticking with, even when things get crappy? Or should I give this new job some more time and risk losing the ability to get my old position back? Advice please, I'm so torn and confused. :/