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  1. Allend

    DNR pt with SOB and alert

    Appreciate all your comments, I have a better idea. All of these things ran through my head at the time, just needed some input, thank you all.
  2. Allend

    DNR pt with SOB and alert

    Pt was admitted with NSTEMI and large Right sided pneumonia. The pt had a DNR order, Spo2 was 90% on nonrebreathet 15l, pt had 40 of Lasix to no help along with nitro and small dose of morphine for CP. pt was placed on BIPAP tolerated well but dependant on thr BIPAP. My question is since pt is DNR what would be next if BIPAP does not work and he is alert and oriented? I know we still treat but with no intubation?
  3. So I'm new to icu, only one month experince. My question is about performing a physical assessment on pts that are sedated/paralyzed ( propofol, versed,fentanyl, rocuronium etc) Are you supposed to briefly stop these drips to get an accurate assessment or do you assess with them turned on?