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  1. Susie2015

    NICU RN level 3 transitioning to Level 4

    I worked as an RN straight out of nursing school on a level 3 NICU, and I loved my job. I moved and I landed a job at a level 4 NICU at a children's hospital. I have been there for about a month and I don't like it. The babies that I take care of are normally full term babies with chronic issues so they stay on our unit for a long time. A lot of the babies need surgeries and are really sick. I really miss working on a unit of primarily premature babies who grow stay with us till they reach full term and then go home. I don't know what to do, anyone else had this experience? advice please!
  2. Susie2015

    10 months of experience

    I think that is what I am going to do, even though it hurts to be apart for so long. Thanks for your help.
  3. Susie2015

    10 months of experience

    So reason I didn't leave now is because we don't get married until June 2016 and our wedding will be in Utah, so I am staying here to plan the wedding, spend these last months with family (no family or friends in Philadelphia), and also I did clinicals and capstone experience at the hospital that I am going to work at so it is a great place for me to get my first experience at. I am willing to stay in Utah for the full year if it will increase the chances of me finding a job easier in Philadelphia. side note as well everything happen so fast, my fiance got into medical school at about the time I was doing my capstone experience and deciding where I wanted to work, then he proposed, and then in a month he left.
  4. Susie2015

    10 months of experience

    I am a new grad nurse landed my dream job as a NICU nurse at a university hospital in Utah. Bad news is that I will only have 9 months of experience on that unit and will relocate to Philadelphia because I am getting married to a medical student out there. Should I stay in Utah for 3 months to get to the full year of RN experience? Please Help?