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living-dead-girl has 1 years experience and specializes in Bariatric, Urology/Renal.

My name is Keeli and I am an LPN on a Bariatric/Renal med-surg unit. I love my job! I am currently finishing my Associate's degree and am in an LPN-to-RN nursing program. I plan to continue working on my current floor once I am finished with my ADN.

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  1. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    While I hear you and will consider making changes, is it not unethical being so anonymous online? Shouldn't we fight for more transparency and have policies in place that protect people from being unfairly judged against? It all just seems a bit disingenuous.
  2. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    I won't give up! lol It's just not in my nature- I'm sure that's pretty evident though. :)
  3. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    You seem to feel very personally attacked by me, although I don't really understand why. I apologize if anything I said sounded patronizing, but you seem to do it well yourself. Everything I said was said dead-pan. I did think it was quite an odd question, seeing as it's not something you necessarily need personal experience with to be able to distinguish. And why is this in relation to my being a student? You're not my instructor nor any advisor to me, so why would that affect how you communicate with me?
  4. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    What an odd question. I've never been in a texting-while-driving car accident, but I still know the rights and wrongs about it. PS- I wouldn't consider myself preaching, just voicing my opinion. Like you and everyone else.
  5. living-dead-girl

    How to study for nursing exams?

    Hi! I'm in an LPN program, and many of the students did not do as well as they'd hoped on their first exam either- but I did pretty well, so I'll tell you what I did to prepare! I love using my version of a concept map (it's really just a two-column table with a concept on the left and its explanation on the right). I feel as though it really gives me a chance to sort through the material and determine importance of information. I also like to use an online flashcard app called StudyBlue to write down terms and definitions. My go-to study books are the Davis Success Books- I have Fundamentals and Pharmacology currently, as I'm in my first semester. I also like my NCLEX test prep book for looking at NCLEX-style question formatting, as my school administers test "NCLEX-style." The last tip I have for you may not work, but it is my preferred way of tackling all that required reading. Basically, I don't necessarily do it. I read my main topics before class so I'm not lost, and then when I get home and start on my concept maps I read the entire section where my explanations are found. If there is any other question I have, then I will look it up- procedures, risk factors, etc. Hope this helps, and happy studying!
  6. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    It sounds like you're speaking more out of a negative personal experience with a student than as a whole concept? If you had nursing students who followed you into the latrine (which is a private area and sounds a bit like no privacy was given) then I apologize. I do have to say that while some people did not directly come out and say it, much despise has been directed towards student nurses as a whole, usually because of a bad experience with one (or some). All I ask is that you judge on a one-one basis. Personally, I have never had a "bad" nurse during clinicals, and I feel like that is reflected in my post. I didn't condemn nurses, I actually put 95% of my comments onto students (like myself). All I asked was that on the floor, in front of patients, and in professional interactions with students that a nurse remain professional. I don't know why that's too much to ask.
  7. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    The "professionalism" I'm referring to spans across ALL professional jobs, so please don't get on a high horse and think that nurses are the only "profession" I'm referring to. Also, saturating your reply with sarcasm and then trying to make a point doesn't usually bode well. Since I don't have LPN/RN/MSN/CRNA/etc behind my name I don't know what professionalism looks like? That's a naive perspective to take. If you would take time to actually look at what I was saying, I really pinned about 95% of everything on student nurses. Literally all I asked is a professional remain as such. Is that so harsh? Is that too much to ask for? You also phrase all of this as though I'm some young girl. I'm an adult, so sorry if talking down to me won't work.
  8. living-dead-girl

    I just failed my first nursing exam

    Wow, that 80% is cut-off is a little rough- my school fails you at 75% or less, so I know your pain! My initial suggestion would be to take a step back and look at the questions you missed and what type of questions they were. Select all that apply? Nursing process? Interpretation of facts? Now look at what you studied for the test. If your study methods covered those things, but you still missed them, just try studying more and looking at the rationales. If you see that your study methods didn't quite cover those subjects, then re-assess on how you can change it up so that you're covering the right kinds of materials. This is what I had to do, because although I "passed" my exams, I wasn't doing as well as I wanted.
  9. living-dead-girl

    I passed my PN NCLEX!!!

    Awesome! Congratulations.
  10. living-dead-girl

    Nursing associations?

    Thanks for letting me know- I had no idea! :)
  11. living-dead-girl

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    ***I am a student nurse, so this is coming from MY perspective given all of the feedback going on in previous comments.*** Here is the tl;dr version of how I think things should be: -Students should be responsible for completing tasks that they are allowed to, and should be responsible for knowing what they can and cannot complete on the floor during clinicals. -I believe that instructors should do the bulk of the teaching, but there are some things that can only be "shown" and so I think that is where nurses come in to their "teaching" role, if you would even call it that. However, students should be responsible for stepping up to the plate and asking to watch, not waiting around for a nurse to usher them in. -As a professional, you should conduct yourself with an appropriate attitude when students are present. We know we're in the way, we don't need your eye rolls, your condescending comments, or your huffs. Think about it- you were once us. How would it make you feel? Even more in the way, unappreciated, dumb? Yeah. -The laissez-faire attitude that you simply don't give a damn about student nurses is why this profession is deemed catty (well, that and the patriarchy, but that's for another time). Please give us the time of day (when you have the chance)- most of us really appreciate it. -I understand that it may not be your choice to be my "parent" for the day, but it is not our problem. It is the administration's problem, or the school's problem. Please don't take it out on us. (Alright, let's see how much hate I'll get.)
  12. living-dead-girl

    Nursing associations?

    At our college, we are a part of the NFLPN (What is the NFLPN? All About the NFLPN) and that is strictly for LPNs and LPN students. Our dues are $25 per year and they offer scholarships, recognition for high GPAs (stoles and pins upon graduation), and lots of other opportunities. I have also heard that the ANA (About ANA) is also really good. It is more expensive, though. Best of luck! :)
  13. living-dead-girl

    Study strategies!

    I am speaking from a slightly different perspective, as all my books are digital (per my institution's policy), so sorry if some of this may not carry over. -I love flashcard apps like Study Blue and Quizlet. I mainly use them for definitions at the beginning of the chapters. -I color-code my highlights. Green-test, Pink-important, Pencil-need clarification, etc. -Supplemental books: FA Davis Success books, NCLEX-PN prep -Concept maps (find whatever style works for you!) -Recording lectures
  14. living-dead-girl

    How is everyone doing 2016 Class

    YAY! 2016 LPN Graduates represent!! I will be graduating in July of 2016 (I just started my program this August) and am already thinking about the future. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the skills and information we have been learning, but I can't wait to get to the more detailed stuff too. Plan to keep my grades up and keep going!
  15. living-dead-girl

    New LPN student

    Okay, so here's the deal- I prefaced what I had to say by telling everyone that I usually DO NOT write such negative things, and I mean it. However, the only negative things I mentioned were in reference to the "for-profit"colleges like Everest and DeVry, etc. My apologies for referring to it as a "tv college," "for-profit" was the term I was searching for. Anyway, my intent was not to discourage someone from researching their education options! So again, I apologize. My only intent was to help redirect your search to a more reputable college that will only benefit you in the long run. Yes, horror stories come from every university- even Harvard or Yale. The point I was trying to make is that these colleges are only here for your money, not to provide a quality education for you. A co-worker of mine got her Bachelor's and her Master's degrees from DeVry and they are absolutely useless (and hers are in business and business management). She has yet to find a facility that will even give her validation for her schooling because it is a degree from a "for-profit college." So in order to save others from that pain, I would rather tell the cold hard truth. The bottom line is that nurses (from a CNA to an NP) are awesome! I think if you truly want to be a nurse, then you will do what is absolutely best for you and your life. I hope you make the decision that is right for you. Best of luck. :)
  16. living-dead-girl

    Only the begining and I am so scared

    Hey, I just started my LPN program in August. I completely understand! Here's the thing- your instructors WANT you to succeed. It is perfectly okay if you don't immediately rattle off all the points, they understand you're being given tons of information at once- and hey, everyone has a brain fart sometimes! From what you described, you're doing great. The most important thing is keeping up with your reading- if you get behind it's so difficult to catch up. So relax, realize it's only your first semester, and think about what an awesome nurse you'll be in the future. :)