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  1. MKnowl

    Baptist Versant Program August 2017

    Im sure you will! My friend was in Baptist Versant in the March cohort and she said that they called specialities first and then med-surg. Some people did not hear back until 4-5 days before. Hopefully that does not happen this time around, but just letting you know what I have heard :)
  2. MKnowl

    Baptist Versant Program August 2017

    Thank you! They called me on July 12th and I will be at the main Baptist Hospital :)
  3. MKnowl

    Baptist Versant Program August 2017

    Has anyone else gotten a call about specialities? I got an offer for the ER and I am so excited! I am an external candidate.
  4. MKnowl

    Baptist Versant Program August 2017

    Hi Everyone, I spoke with HR last week and this is what I was told: For the August 2017 cohort they really only have positions for "multi-specialty" units (aka cardiology, step-down, oncology, postpartum, etc). Baptist has a transition program where current employees get first pick to transfer to the specialty areas, so unfortunately these positions are slim and this time around we will only get med-surg and MAYBE a small chance on a specialty interview. They should be calling sometime next week to schedule interviews for med-surg units for the week of the 19th.
  5. MKnowl

    Baptist Hospital Miami Versant 2017

    I received a call yesterday from HR. Did anyone else? I applied last Monday.
  6. I found out via email. I found out in August and never received anything in the mail.
  7. Smtaylor, I actually do not have a Facebook lol. I was going to make one though if we started a group. Creavis, I applied really early, in May. So I did not hear back that my application was referred to the admissions committee until July 16. From there, it says it takes 3-6 weeks to hear a decision. I got my decision on August 14.
  8. I am coming from out of town as well, Florida. Let me know if you make the Facebook group. I am trying to figure out living right now.
  9. @TDJones I was accepted to the program mid-August and have submitted my tuition deposit for Spring 2016. I agree that this forum is not as active as previous years. Maybe it will be more active when more people get accepted!