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  1. I'm taking AP 1 at SW. I've also signed up for the webinar, and I'll likely attend the open house. (....talk about being overzealous) Lol!
  2. Hello, taco08 Have you completed your prerequisites? Have you taken the teas? Are you going to the open house in November? Do you know about the webinar next week? Lol!!!!......I'm just so excited.
  3. Thank you, AutumnS!!! I really appreciate your willingness to answer my questions. How long have you been in the program?
  4. Arthur_lee, I'm referring to Tennessee.
  5. Thank you for responding, AutumnS., and congratulations!! Of course I have MANY questions. Are you in the accelerated program? 2.7 is the minimum GPA for acceptance; what GPA does one need to be competitive? Do you know the average GPA and Teas score of your class? Please tell me about your typical day. Do you work? Did you apply to any of the other schools I mentioned?
  6. I have a BA in criminology, and I'm seeking a second degree in nursing. In a few weeks, I plan to apply to every (Memphis area) school with an accelerated bsn program. Although I would be ecstatic to get accepted into any of these schools, UTHSC and LSON are my top choices. What about you? .....searching for my future classmates😊
  7. Bsn2018

    UTHSC FALL 2015

    I am also applying to uthsc for fall 2016. This is a very stressful process!