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  1. paperbag_panda

    Student Final Placement in ICU

    Thank you! That's really helpful to hear :) Reading that makes me more excited/hopeful that I get the placement, yours sounds like it was such a great learning experience!
  2. paperbag_panda

    Student Final Placement in ICU

    I'm a fourth year nursing student and I'm hoping to apply for the ICU/Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit for my final placement. However I have a few questions about the unit.. 1. What kinds of things would I learn in the ICU versus on a surgical unit for example? 2. What kinds of skills are required in the ICU? 3. Do you think it's worth it to have my final placement in the ICU? Or would I be better off on a general med/surg floor to focus on more basic nursing skills? Thanks in advance for your help!