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    Seeking help from foreign RN's.

    I am a nurse. My teacher suggested I try networking on this website.
  2. cupcake1428

    Seeking help from foreign RN's.

    Hi All! I'm a nursing student in Miami who is asking for help for a class project. I have to ask a foreign educated and practicing RN four questions. Can any of my fellow nurses help me? Thank you all very much. I sincerely appreciate this. Ask the following:1)What is his/her scope of practice? How does this compare to yours? (Is there anything unusual about your scope of practice? Are you allowed to do special skills?) (Are there things you are not allowed to do?) 2)What does he/she identify as primary health concerns for their patients and country? 3)Does he/she belong to any professional organizations that promote health in a global environment? 4)If possible, obtain salary, specialty, and any other interesting information!