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4th year undergrad at UCR Planning to switch to RN Love Psych Nursing :)

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    BA in Psychology to BSN

    Hi Guys ! I'm a 4th year UCR student getting my bachelors degree in Psychology. I recently decided that instead of applying to MFT programs I want to become an RN. I looked into accelerated BSN programs but I am learning that you actually have to HAVE your BA at the time of admission ( I won't have mine until this May). I really want to bridge to nursing but I'm nervous that I will have to start from the very beginning. I looked into APU but they only offer an MSN for those with a completed BA in another field. I have a lot of my pre reqs done ( Chemistry Biology Statistics and all the Liberal Arts) but was planning on taking all of the Physio and and Anatomy now that I'm in my last year at UCR and have full scholarships. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you ! A little bit of why I want to be a nurse: Firstly, I'm not a very "nurse" type of person. I work at a psychiatric hospital and everyone with a BA in psych or close to completing like me are working as floor staff making $12 an hour. Meanwhile the nurses do pretty much what I would love to do and they make a lot more. This has sort of solidified my decision and even though I don't like blood and guts, I would rather do something that has job stability and hopefully land in some type of psych nursing in the end.