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  1. lilturtle

    New help picking a school to go to!

    * sorry about the spelling. The keys on my phone is horrible.
  2. lilturtle

    New help picking a school to go to!

    My family will be stationed in our next place for 4 years. I appreciate everyone's input. All advice is going to be put into consideration when making my decision. Thank you!
  3. lilturtle

    New help picking a school to go to!

    I do know that there is a waiting list I just trying to pick a school that I can start the whole process in. Since I've never lived in any of these states except California, I do not know much about the requirement for each schools nursing program. I know every state is different and so are the schools. I just need to know the basics so I can get a bit of a head start before I get out there. Thank you for telling me anyways. I do appreciate it .
  4. Hi, so I am in a bit of a dilema . My husband is in the navy , so I do not have much control over where I will go to school because of the fact that we never know where we are going to move. I've been attending a community college. I will be considered a sophomore after this semester. I will have completed 38 credit hour in different science , math, English, history, Spanish, and a few other types of classes. I've been paying for school through financial aid and my current job. Well, I going to start going to school for nursing. I have not decided if I'm going to go straight for my BSN or my ADN. Anyways, so the expected move is around March or April of 2016. I know that we will be either station in Norfolk, VA, Everett, WA, Bremerton, WA or San Diego, CA. When we move, I have to find a new job and pick a college and find where we will live in a matter of a month before my husband is deployed. So my question is, can you give me advice on picking a college? Financially, I will be paying for all of it myself which mean I will probably take out a loan. I want to try to get out of school debt free but since I have low income and I will be working full time while going to school full time, I'm not sure how that is going to work. Please tell me what you know about the school you picked out there or why you would pick that school? Honestly , any advice would help me!!