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  1. Mine went quick also. From what I saw she made sure the prints were very clear and they appeared that way to me. Still waiting though on if I have been accepted...have not heard anything. Very nervous since some people have heard now.
  2. For me I have to look at it that way as I cant go to the other location. I have a lease in Austin and couldn't just up and leave for a year to a different city unfortunately. I would be super bummed if I got in but the only option was BCS or something. Just keeping fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks thats what I was assuming. I seems they may be giving offers to the highest qualified applicants and then if they don't accept by the deadline they move down the list to someone else. I only had 3.4 overall (275 hrs) 3.7 science and 89 HESI. I think that puts me right in the average applicant. I have a ton of experience though and have to say my statement was the strongest thing on my application. Hope to get in but only accepting 22-24 people for Round Rock means some good applicants wont get in unfortunately.
  4. How were you guys accepted? Did they just send you an email to the same address as the one you corresponded about finger printing etc. Would be nice to know where exactly I am looking. I only believe they have my primary email listed.
  5. I applied also, during the priority barely as they needed some additional transcripts. I was told by the adviser also they would be selecting most of the class from the priority. Doing finger printing today actually. I am assuming about 3 weeks to start looking whether accepted. Just emailed the adviser about when we might hear. I'll post if I hear anything different.