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  1. MooreOfEmily

    First nursing job

    I'm a brand new, LPN and I was hired at a LTC facility and went in today to fill out paperwork and talk to the scheduler. The scheduler didn't say much to me except to come in Monday 7-3, and then she said Monday to Friday 7-3 for two weeks is my orientation. I don't know where I go, which wing I'm in or anything. The new employee company orientation is October 15th, so I think it's weird that they have me starting before this date. Also I asked a nurse there what their ratios are, and she said 1, maybe 2 nurse(s) to 25-30 patients, and 2 cna's. I go back on Thursday to get my PPD checked and to give HR a voided check for direct deposits. Do you think I should ask to see the scheduler to clarify a few things, or should I call and ask? Im completely freaking out that I start in a few days.
  2. MooreOfEmily

    Common meds used in LTC

    I am a new graduate LPN, and just got hired at a LTC facility. As excited as I am, I'm also waaaaayyyy nervous. What are some common meds that are given in these environments? I want to start memorizing some meds so I at least know some things before starting.