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  1. RNles

    White glove staffing new grad?

    I applied to white glove online and got a call back. I forgot how long they said orienation was but salary was definitely low, the rep told me $26-30/hr which is very low for a BSN so I never called them back
  2. RNles

    Two job offers

    True! I think your right as I do not know much stress I could experience at a hospital lol, but I don't want to leave a negative impression if I want to work there in the future
  3. RNles

    Two job offers

    Yes I agree thanks for your advice!
  4. RNles

    Two job offers

    Hi all, I have two job offers, one in a hospital and the other one is working for a home health agency as a RN clinical liaison. I have accepted the hospital offer since ideally as a new grad I want to work in a hospital setting and get the experience I need as it will better suit my future needs, however the hospital is unsure of a start date and they just said they are waiting for my references which they mailed to come back in. I told the HH that I will get back to him with a response, I know it seems self fish but I want to accept the offer just as a backup incase something goes wrong with the hospital position. I already discussed salary with the hospital, but the HH told me that salary will be discussed once I accept the offer. If the hospital job gets back to me with a solid start date, how should I declined the other HH position? The HH did give me a start date if I accept the position though - I would still like to see if I can work for the HH part time as a field nurse because they had open positions for that as well - would it look bad if I accepted the offer, then turned it down and said I'm interested working part time if they are still willing to consider me? Sorry for the long post just wanted to explain the whole story
  5. RNles

    St Barnabas Hospital bronx, NY

    Hi, does anyone know the starting salary at St Barnabas Hospital in the bronx for a new grad RN? I'm interested in the hospital but have not found anything relative to salary.