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  1. lavacake

    Respiratory therapist to RN

    Thank you for your replies, I did the cost of lost income for 3 years plus day care and it's just incredible the amount that it would be to forfeit with the family responsibility. I'm in the Bay Area and rns do exceptionally well here but I don't know if getting into debt (was even looking at Samuel merrit absn) is smart with my oldest to head off to college (hopefully) in 8 years..... Then 3 more kids to follow. Life happens í ½í¸ƒ
  2. lavacake

    Respiratory therapist to RN

    I wanted to become a neonatal nurse practitioner when I was in high school but I had a baby and went through a respiratory therapy program to make sure we would always have a roof over our head. It's been 8 years and I still think about nursing. If I went back, I'd spend time in ER, ICU and then l&d or NI.....and teach :) I always enjoy teaching or students. I know what nurses do more than an average applicant and still think I should've been a nurse. Should I spend the time, effort and money to get there? (as it would effect our family of now 6.) Thanks