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  1. SnapeJr

    To Keep or Ditch Past Certifications?

    I have been a psych nurse for 3 years, right out of nursing school. I am pursuing certification mainly because I want to increase my knowledge. Psych was barely taught in my nursing school, and sure, I have picked up some knowledge along the way, but as I have worked through some Continuing Ed, I realize how much I don't know. Getting my certification will not impress my clients, might slightly impress any future employers, but it will make me a better psych nurse! That makes it worth it.
  2. SnapeJr

    Are nurse's all that and a bag of chips?

    My FaceBook wall has daily ads for nurse t-shirts. Some of the texts for t-shirts takes up the entire back of the shirt, and pretty much yammers on about the glories of nurses, how awesome they are, and God made them... yeah, pretty much sucks to be you lowly peasants. I feel the same about the inspirational nurse quotes that litter my Instagram feed. If I were to wear anything identifying me as a nurse it would definitely be something dark and sarcastic, just like all the humorous pictures I post on the wall of my office...