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  1. GVNurse09

    Pregnancy & Home Health Nursing

    Hi everyone! I'm expecting my first baby in late November of this year. As part of my case management position, I do home visits to help people living with HIV sort out their medications, monitor adherence, and assess needs based on their home environment. This makes up roughly 25% of my productive time. Many of my patients live in rough neighborhoods and their homes are less than maintained. I have my performance evaluation coming up and I'd like to use this time to discuss my needs as my pregnancy comes to an end with my supervisor. My initial thought is that I should stop doing home visits at 36 weeks for my safety. I'll be big and clumsier than usual in addition to less able to defend myself if something should happen. What are your thoughts, do you do anything different for your staff that are pregnant?
  2. GVNurse09

    How does CM pay compare to bedside RN pay?

    I actually got s $9,000/year pay raise going from bedside practice to case management. I work in a specialty office. One thing to remember is that even if you keep the same hourly rate, if you're going from 72 hrs/pay to 80, you're already going to see an increase in your take home.
  3. GVNurse09

    Case management Care Models

    Hi everyone! I recently started a position as a nurse case manager in an HIV/AIDS clinic within a physician group at a major hospital system. I will be working with a nurse practitioner to provide care to women and young adults under the age of 24. Our current model reflects care for all patients with a social work case manager and a physician, as well as 3 phone-triage nurses that work closely with the physician. The nurse practitioner and I were recently added to the staff to care for the patients within the group I mentioned above that might have more complex health care needs or be pregnant. I'm wondering if any one out there has a similar practice environment that could maybe give some tips on the practice model you use. Our patients could potentially "graduate" from our care, but also have complex psycho-social situations that might make change difficult, especially once a rapport is built with one case manager in the office. Any advice would be valued! Thanks!
  4. GVNurse09

    I dream of nursing leadership...

    Thanks for the response!! I'm doing a lot of those things at this point, so I'll continue on. I appreciate your input!
  5. GVNurse09

    I dream of nursing leadership...

    I am currently a nurse in a busy urban Emergency Department. I've worked in the ED for 4 years, and on the inpatient floor for 18 months. When I was inpatient I was a charge nurse for the 6 months prior to leaving for the ED. I loved being charge, I think I was good at it. My staff seemed to comment a lot that they were relieved when they came in and saw that I was charge that night. I transfered to the ED because that's always where I planned to spend my career. Now that I've spent time working in the ED, I feel like "I came, I saw, I'm not sure I can do this forever." Last November, I was hurt on the job and had major knee surgery. I was off work for 9 months while recovering. I'm 28 years old and doubt that I can withstand a career at the bedside. Additionally, I'm feeling restless. I'm ready for something new. Since I started working, I've felt pulled to leadership. I've been thinking about going back to school and have considered informatics, education, but reading the curriculum for nursing leadership programs gets me excited. I know in my heart that it's what I want to do. I've been highly involved while working at my current hospital. I've spent my entire 5 year career here and have been involved with shared decision making at the hospital, unit, and multi-unit level. I've chaired councils and picked up projects at the last minute to get the job done. My current predicament is that I'm not sure where I go from here. I am a big picture thinker. I think I would enjoy case management or staff management. The problem is that every one of these jobs requires supervisory experience. I'm not sure employers consider my charge nurse experience to be supervisory, plus it was 4 years ago. How can I market myself or get myself some supervisory experience? Being a charge in the ED is not an option right now as there are no openings and the charge nurses are often abused by my manager. It's not something I feel would be a positive career move. I don't feel like there is opportunity to "move up" in the ED other than being a charge nurse, so what types of opportunities should I be seeking out? Any advice would help. I'm willing to go back to school, get more involved, transfer, do whatever it takes to get my into my dream job! Thanks in adance :) Jennifer, RN BSN