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  1. supportingh

    In serious need of advice

    Try a different career before you make a big mistake. The market is over supplied with nurses. It may take you months or years to work in a hospital if your lucky. See this report from CNN Where's this so-called shortage? - I can't find a nursing job! - CNNMoney
  2. Has anybody worked at United Medical Center at Southeast DC? How was your work experience? Any pros or cons? Good place to start and gain experience? What is the starting salary and how are the benefits?
  3. Can a foreign educated nurse get in a residency program in any hospital in the DC area? My wife graduated 2008 in Peru. Gained 2 years experience. Came to DC area 2011. CGFNS and Maryland Board of Nursing declared her BSN in Peru equivalent here in 2014. Passed the NCLEX-RN in February 2015 and passed MOB required Refresher Course in August. BUT no experience at all in the US. Any suggestions???
  4. supportingh

    Confused RN and Residency Program

    Thank you very much for your feedback. In case that she cannot get in a residency program, where can she go to that will allow her to gradually get her into a hospital position. I would assume a community nurse is not an ideal position that will help you get into a hospital, so what are the options. Unfortunately other positions outside of the hospitals ask for experience and once again she's stuck.
  5. supportingh

    Confused RN and Residency Program

    Hello, I'm a supporting husband that have been helping and guiding my wife through this long process. I'm an returned peace corps volunteer and I met my wife in Peru. My wife got a BSN in her country in 2008. She had 2 years of experience before she moved to the US. While here she went through the process and after 4 years she passed her NCLEX-RN this February and completed a refresher course this August. Recently she has been looking for a job but this is where the confusion starts. Some HR officers tell her that since she never had experience in the US she must apply to residency program as a "new grad" however other HR officers tells her she can't apply to Residency program because she needs 2 years of clinical experience or have recently graduated from a college/university from the US. What gives??? It's seems that she in a catch 11.......she is looking for a job especially in a residency program to gain experience but she can't get in because she doesn't have experience. What would be the next step for her? What she needs to do? Her goal is to work at a hospital. She graduated with a BSN in 2008. Did 2 years of nursing in Peru. CGFNS and Maryland Board of Nursing verified her degree is equivelent to a BSN in the US. in 2014. She passed NCLEX-RN in Feb 2015. Completed her refresher course (Theory, lab, & clinical) in Aug 2014. But no experience in the US. She does have BLS