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  1. Hello all, my name is David Centofanti and I am nursing student from Southeastern Michigan. I graduate in just four weeks time, and the past two years of lectures, exams and clinicals have been the most rewarding and astounding part of my life thus far. It has opened my eyes to what I'm meant to do with my life, and that is care for those in need and those seeking care and warmth to get back to their main form. Now like most things in life the final stretch to my finish line has come with some hurdles. About two weeks ago I came home from my clinical rotation to find my grandfather, (pictured) who I live with on the floor unconscious. I was able to bring him back to his person and get him to the emergency room but it has been a very long road with his recovery, every day I'm not in class or in clinical I'm by his side making sure this doesn't happen again. In the first week following his fall I lost my job because not one person at my place of work would cover my shifts nor would the managers help anymore than getting my first shift covered the night of the fall. (stating "that wasn't their job, ask your co-workers") I understand a businesses priority is to make a profit but I was cut from the team and now floating a drift with a lot on my plate and no support for my graduation expenses right around the corner. As I near the end of my nursing school endeavor I find myself getting overwhelmed as no hospital will hire a nursing assistant that is going to become a full fledge nurse in just 5-8 weeks time, it's not a sound investment on their parts. and any other job including waiting tables requires late hours that would keep me from caring for my grandpa in times of need and getting the proper rest required to be at clinical at 6am in the morning. I opened up to the pysical therapist that comes to help get my Grandpa moving again and she mentioned this site and that I should reach out to the public. It took me a few days to build the courage to put this on here, but I am in need of support in any amount as I get closer and closer to the finish line... NCLEX application fee: $54 NCLEX: $200 Finger Printing for Exam: $67 Kaplan or Hurst NCLEX Prep: $300-$400 Exit-HESI Exam: $100 Thank you all for the support, even if just in thoughts and prayers. This like most things in life may loom largely today, but it will not keep me from becoming the best nurse possible for you tomorrow. https://www.gofundme.com/5f4j5rxw