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  1. knicolai11

    Hesi study guide help!?!

    Hi guys! So I'm taking my hesi exam for the 2nd time November 9th and I'm wondering if anyone could share what they used to study!? Especially for the biology and chemistry sections! Please and thank you!
  2. knicolai11

    HESI A2 study guide

    Yes I did! I actually think the words from the practice test were a bit harder which makes the words on the actual exam seem like a breeze
  3. knicolai11

    HESI A2 study guide

    Where did you study the words from? I used the McGraw Hill practice test and I found that very helpful for the vocab! I also used this online practice test! HESI A2 Practice Test - Free HESI Exam Practice Questions
  4. knicolai11

    HESI A2 study guide

    Hi guys, new to the website! I just recently took my first Hesi a2 exam... ehh I need help! I scored a 90% overall on the reading comp/grammar/vocab section for it is obviously my strong suit! However, the biology and chemistry sections I didn't do too hot at. I am 2 years out of high school and was originally in school for Law & Justice so I haven't studied any science for 2 years. I have purchased the McGraw-Hill Hesi practice exam but I was hoping someone could give me specific topics to study from bio and chem! Please and thank you! I take the hesi again November 9!