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  1. Csu stanislaus fall 2015 applicants

    Hey I'm also an alternate - 23 I called today (11/10/15) and they are on alternate 4....
  2. Hi everyone, I just turned in my application to Stanislaus to start Spring 16 but I am SO worried about not getting in because my TEAS and overall GPA are very low.....I was going to apply to Sac State and Chico but my TEAS killed me at 78%. My overa...
  3. Csu stanislaus fall 2015 applicants

    Hi congrats on getting in the program guys! Im applying for Spring 2016 and I just wanted to get an idea of how high the scores on everything might need to look like. I was wondering...do they go by points? Because I looked at the applicant statistic...