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  1. eliphant

    Csu stanislaus fall 2015 applicants

    Hey I'm also an alternate - 23 I called today (11/10/15) and they are on alternate 4....
  2. Hi everyone, I just turned in my application to Stanislaus to start Spring 16 but I am SO worried about not getting in because my TEAS and overall GPA are very low.....I was going to apply to Sac State and Chico but my TEAS killed me at 78%. My overall is 3.56, science is 4.0, non-science is 3.70. I had a little bit of work experience and I also live in the area. My total points add up to 77 ): Who else is applying to start in the spring and what are your GPA's, TEAS, and total points?
  3. eliphant

    Csu stanislaus fall 2015 applicants

    Hi congrats on getting in the program guys! Im applying for Spring 2016 and I just wanted to get an idea of how high the scores on everything might need to look like. I was wondering...do they go by points? Because I looked at the applicant statistics page and it doesnt give a "cut-off" point; it just gives the average GPA and TEAS score of the accepted applicants. If so, how many points did you guys have to get accepted? Everyone, feel free to share your TEAS scores and GPA!!! It would really help me figure out the chances of getting into the program. :) thank you