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Hello! Right now, I'm finishing up my last two classes (Pathophys and Micro) and awaiting the start of Samuel Merritt's Jan 2015 ABSN program in Sacramento.

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    Cheating in nursing school

    My nursing program has not yet started, but I have seen a surprising amount of cheating in the last few prerequisite classes, from partnering on tests (though not allowed in the syllabus), plagiarism, whispering during tests, opening browser windows, tiny notes written on hands and water bottles... What frustrates me is that, in classes that are curved, this disadvantages the other test-takers who are not cheating. I have commented to the professors, and they seem very aware that it is occurring, but are reluctant to take action, instead saying that, "They are only hurting themselves" and "It will catch up to them in the long run." And it might -- they'll probably have more trouble in future classes because they can't quickly recall information, or they won't pass the NCLEX, but in the meantime, they are my group members, and their participation in projects and groupwork directly affects my progress and time management (& sometimes, my final grade). Teaching someone else is a valuable learning opportunity; however, having an irresponsible classmate also robs me of the two-way conversation about the material, and the chance that they might teach me something, too.