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    Best Path to NP, B.A. in Psych

    Hello everyone! I have been combing through the threads for awhile trying to answer this question.... I graduated in May of 2014 with a B.A. in psych. Since then, i have been working as a Clinical Allergy Specialist in various doctor's offices giving allergy care (tests and injections) to patients. Recently, after spending alot of time observing them, I have decided that my main career goal is to become and NP. So, what is the best path for me to take? From what i've read, here are my options: 1. ABSN - pros-quick cons- 2.74 college gpa, need pre-reqs, pricey 2. ADN - pros- cheap, multiple programs, no pre-reqs cons- time My plan right now is to enroll into an ADN program at a community college so that I can pay for it as I go. I still have over 10k in undergrad debt and am trying to not have any more. Then, once i got my rn, i thought i could work and complete my msn online. I know rns don't make much compared with other fields, but they make more than I do! any thoughts on this plan? Any suggestions? Also, i am 23 years old in the southeast.