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  1. brit_RN_

    List of ICU internships???

    Almost all the hospitals in the St Louis area have been hiring new grads in the ICU. I second the opinion above, I wouldn't limit it only to "internships". I went straight to the ICU and it was 12 weeks of training. Have her apply anywhere she would be interested, I was told in my initial phone interview with my current Hospital that they didn't hire new grads in the ICU. I was one of six that they hired that year for my unit. At least here, we are hurting for experienced nurses so everyone is willing to hire new grads. If you're experienced most hospitals are offering sign on bonuses as well.
  2. brit_RN_

    New grad preparing for ICU

    I'm going through the AACNs critical care book now because I'm studying for my CCRN, but that would probably be a good one. Don't load yourself up too much with extra classes or training, you will get what you need in orientation. A lot of learning in the ICU takes place as you go, it's kind of hard to prepare for it ahead of time especially with no prior nursing experience. Be nervous, but be confident in yourself as well. I went straight into the ICU after graduation, and it's been hard been so worth it. Good luck!
  3. brit_RN_

    Serum bicarb - CO2?

    I'm a nurse in a general ICU. We have an intensivist that always refers to blood CO2 levels as the "serum bicarb". It's been a few years since my chemistry classes, but isn't bicarb HCO3, and CO2 is carbon dioxide? All my coworkers that I've asked don't know why she calls it that, just curious if anyone can shed some light on this for me!