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  1. Ok. I'm going to make this comment on this thread because I can't figure out how to make my own.... To begin, in order for the Pearson Vue trick to work you must re-register, GO all the way to the screen that asks for you payment information, INSERT your payment information ( I used one of my prepaid cards that only has $34.00$ on it), click SUBMIT and one the next screen it should say something along the lines of "our records indicate that you have registered already. We cannot register you at this time" it may not say THAT VERBATIM but it will say something along those lines. THAT IS THE GOOD POP UP. If it says invalid card? THE CARD IS INVALID. So, insert the correct numbers or? Use a valid card. Now? If it takes your money or? Says your card was declined? THATS the BAD pop up. Moving forward, I have a criminal history. I have an assault MIS. Charge and two other MIS. Charges in which I was convicted in 2008 and a DUI (violation) not a misdemeanor nor felony from 2011. I obtained certificates of relief a month before I graduated from school which was 06/29/2016. I am from New York State By the way. And I just sat and took my NCLEX today at 8am. I received 85 questions. Tested for an hour and 47 minutes anddd lastly? Approximately 1hr, 4hrs and 11hrs later.... I am getting the GOOD pop up from PearsonVue. Hopefully, I still will 2mrw. Anywho, I am so mentally drained after cramming information in my head for 13 months and studying 12 hrs per day for 2 weeks tht, I can't even fathom not being allowed to receive my license once I know for a fact that I've passed. I was so worried and spent HOURS on Google trying to find answers. Now I just feel like God knows my heart and he knows what's in it. Whatever is meant to be will be. By the way, I sent letters of recommendation and proof of rehabilitation and a personal letter stating the events that lead to my convictions in with my original application to the board. I knew they were going to ask for it sooo, I sent it. EARLY. Now? Everything is out of my hands. If they ask for more items? I'll send them but as long as I know I did my best in class, passed my boards, sent in the information they need?.... What more can I do besides put it in gods hands?. I hope this long message helps someone. I really do. Remember to study, send in info with your application, check YES if you have been convicted, get certificates of relief (asap) from the court you were convicted in (if in NY State), get letters of recommendation AND STUDY FOR YOUR BOARDS! God bless.
  2. Hello, I hope your in great spirits. I am in the same situation as yourself. However, I have certificates of relief from disabilities for my convictions. My question is, did you get your license yet? Has the BON responded back to you yet? I hope they've allowed you your license.