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RegNurse1987 has 28 years experience and specializes in Neurology/Psychiatry.

RN, BSN, Male, 52 years old. Primary areas of expertise are neurology, neurosurgey, neuro oncology, and psychiatry. Work experience ranges from small rural general hospitals to large university afiliated teaching hospitals with Magnet status. Have worked as a staff RN, and a charge nurse on 30 bed units with a staff of 10 RN's/ancillary personnel. At age 50 I took a year off, and taught English in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I currently work in an outpatient psychiatric urgent care facility serving the needs of the homeless, newly paroled, indigent, uninsured, and under-insured by providing free psychiatric services and medication to the populations served.

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  1. RegNurse1987

    Advice On Restarting A Nursing Career

    Hello, I'm a RN (ADN) with 30 years experience primarily in med/surg, neurology, and psychiatry. Two years ago I quit my job (without completing the required 1 month notice), and set out to teach English in Argentina, Cambodia, and Costa Rica. I don't regret for a second my decision, but 2 years later I'm interested in returning to nursing. Considering my level of education (ADN) my age (55), and absence from nursing for 2 years, what advice can you give me for re-entry into the job market. In my city there are a lot of bedside nursing positions available, but considering my 2 year absence, age, education level, and less than perfect departure from my last position (a nightmare of a job, at which I lasted but 9 months, and left after tendering a notice, but 2 weeks shy of the requisite 1 month notice; I'm ineligible for rehire. ), I'm concerned I'll be passed over in favor of younger, better educated, more up to date nurses without gaps in their resume and an ineligible for rehire history. Any thoughts, advice, words of encouragement? Thanks, RegNurse1987
  2. RegNurse1987

    I'm Done With Nursing.

    The reference to driving a bread truck is exactly that. I'd like to drive a truck that delivers bread to the grocery. No hidden meaning.
  3. Hello, I'm a well seasoned ADN who wants to move to rural southern Nova Scotia. Is it possible to practice in Nova Scotia with an ADN? I understand the entry level in NS is a BSN, but I've heard it's dependent on a review by the nursing board of Nova Scotia. I also understand I'd have to take the Canadian equivilant of the NCLEX. Anybody have any advice? I'm planning on getting married, and will begin the emigration process in January 2017. Thank You, RegNurse87
  4. RegNurse1987

    So I kind of messed up

    I don't think most of the people posting here grasp the gravity of this persons situation. If you were a licensed nurse your goose would be cooked. Since you are a a student accepted into a nursing program you will not gain admission. Please rescind your application as soon as possible. You might have a chance with another school of nursing. I totally empathize with your situation, but I would do you no service if I did not tell you the truth. With a failed drug screen your chances of admission to any SON are zero. Rescind your application and reapply to another school. You've learned a very difficult lesson.
  5. RegNurse1987

    I'm Done With Nursing.

    I'm a 52 year old single male RN with 29 years nursing experience primarily in psychiatry and neurology. I currently work in an outpatient psychiatric clinic serving the indigent, uninsured, newly paroled, and homeless populations. I love my patients and feel privileged to work with "the least of these". I left a good neuroscience position of 15 years at a university affiliated Magnet certified teaching hospital with great benefits, and good working conditions because I was literally drowning in paperwork. Patient care was a top priority, but so was the "paperwork" that was endless, and relentless. New forms, after new forms were added almost monthly, and there were repercussions for imperfection as declared by " the chart audit police". I found myself depressed, unmotivated, and stressed out not only at work, but on my days off. I took a sabbatical, taught English in a foreign country for 6 months, returned refreshed, took a summer off, and landed my current position approximately seven months ago. Now it's deja vu all over again. If I have to fill out another medicare/medicaid override, another PAP (patient assistance program) form, deal with another passive aggressive borderline personality disordered psychiatrists and LPN -who take great delight in watching you crumble under the weight of paperwork- I might well put in a months notice and never return to nursing again. In my life I've been very financially savvy, and I'm frugal, so with the right connections, and planning I could possibly transition into something new and different. I dream of driving a bread truck. Does anyone else feel like I do?