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brainsarecool has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. brainsarecool

    Traveling without EMR experience?

    Hi friends, I am so eager to travel. I have enough RN experience. *However*, I only have experience with the EMR at the Veterans Affairs hospitals. Has anyone traveled to a hospital that uses a different EMR than what they're trained on? Do you get any training on it? I'd love to take a course on Epic right now, but can't find anything online. Appreciate any advice!! -Leslie
  2. brainsarecool

    Do nurses on Med-Surg/Tele have to work in the tele room?

    Mrs. D, thank you so much! I had no idea how this worked since my current role is my first job out of nursing school. Yes on our floor there are two nurses that sit in a room all day 🤪and watch the tele monitors for the whole hospital (some ppl on different floors are also on the remote tele). They call us for any abnormalities and they print off strips 3x per 24 hours. Mostly we get calls all day telling us a lead is off haha. But they've also caught when someone was coding alone in a room! The tele room nurses *only* do tele and the floor nurses hate getting put in the tele room bc we usually don't know what we're doing and constantly bug the other nurse in there for reassurance. So a follow up question... in our tele room, monitors are going off all the time for false alarms. Does that happen with you guys? How do you even manage to step away from the nurses station in that case?! How many patients do you have? Thank you again!
  3. I currently work on a Med-Surg / Tele floor at a VA and here we're lightly trained in the tele room but there are nurses who *only* work in the tele room reading the monitors/remote tele boxes, so I've never spent a shift in there on my own. I'd like to do travel nursing, and before I promote my experience in Tele, I want to make sure I'm not misleading another hospital into thinking I'm skilled in the actual tele room. Do MedSurg/Tele nurses in other hospitals regularly get assigned to work in the actual tele room? Thank you!
  4. Try checking with your county health department. Ours is setting up drive through testing and looking for volunteers with or without medical experience to handle patient flow. So sorry you haven't found a job yet. It will come, and once you get your foot in the door, you will always be able to find work 🙂
  5. brainsarecool

    Emory ABSN Fall 2016

    Yes - it's very expensive! On par with private schools with big names though, I think. I talked to the financial aid person there and she said on average, each student receives about 40,000 in aid. I should have asked if that was in the form of aid you don't have to pay back, or aid you do! Speaking of - has anyone heard about their aid package yet? It's the thing my decision hinges on!
  6. brainsarecool

    Emory ABSN Fall 2016

    @sav768 it was about 10 days
  7. brainsarecool

    Emory ABSN Fall 2016

    Hey guys! I got an acceptance letter today to the ABSN program. I applied Oct 15. They also asked me for test scores and I sent my SAT scores from 10 years ago because that's all I had! Does anyone know when we have to make a decision by? And does anyone know the total cost of the program? Is it 30k per semester and thus.... gulp... 120k for the whole thing? Congrats to those who got in and best of luck to the rest! !
  8. Hi allnurses friends! Longtime forum reader, first-time poster. I'm planning on applying to accelerated nursing programs in the NYC area for the summer or fall of 2016 class. I'm looking at the public schools -- SUNY downstate, Hunter and Lehman, Stony Brook. I'm just now seeing that each school requires a different admissions test! For all of you that applied to NYC nursing programs, did you go to all the different schools and take all of their individual admissions tests? Was that a huge time and money suck in terms of studying/paying for tests and practice materials/etc? I work full time and am taking the pre-reqs -- don't know if I can juggle all these different admissions tests as well! How did you guys do it? Thanks very much! Leslie