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  1. Do you have a link to the contract/information that I can use? I'd like to see what else is offered as far as differentials and benefits. This may determine whether or not I choose to look into going back to school vs employment.
  2. Hello! I am relocating to Twin Cities area due to my husband's new job. I've been drilling Google, but can't seem to find an applicable page/document with information on wage scales for hospital RNs in the area. I have my BSN and have been actively working since I finished school, over a year ago. I'm specifically looking at Hennepin, but a few others also. I was told (via some other forums) that the contracts are publicly available, but I'm having no such luck. I've found one on the .gov website, but it seems like it applied to state agencies only? Maybe I'm misunderstanding it. Thanks for any help you can give!