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    How are your critical thinking skills? Are you over analyzing the question and going back and forth on each question? The answer is usually your first guess. I did a whole bunch of practice ATI test.
  2. SouthernBelle85

    Transitioning from LTC to Medsurg?

    Hey y'all, I've been a LPN for about a year and a half. Give or take a few months. I've worked in LTC for all of my short nursing career and thinking of applying for a job in a hospital to get more skills like inserting IVs (I've never inserted one 😟). Has anyone done this? Is it hard to transition? I feel like it will be starting over and whole new ball game for me. I'll dealing with sick people for one and I don't know. I think I've gotten super comfortable with my LTC job but I'm really burned out and need something new.
  3. SouthernBelle85

    Whats your current pay n it is ltc snf rehab etc

    As a new grad at this particular nursing home...starting pay is 14.25 but Nights it's like 15.25....but I'm about to leave and start a new job a LTC and the base pay is 16.75 Rural Louisiana. I think it's probably higher in bigger cities in La like Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Shreveport.
  4. SouthernBelle85

    Leaving my job after a month.

    So. I currently work at LTC nights, 11-7 and It was the first job offered to me and I took it because I was afraid it would be the only offer. Yet of course after I accepted the job several other job offers came but I decided to stay with this one. There is just not a good moral there and the place old, outdated, and there are roaches. I've had clinicals there before and knew it was the last place I wanted to work at but it had change managements since then and I thought maybe it's got better....not really. The residents are great and a lot of the staff are nice but I sometimes worry about my license... So, last week after my first shift on my own, that was rough...a classmate message me and told me that they had an opening at her job which also a LTC from 3-11 and she loves it there. She told me the pay rate was 16.75. I get paid 15.25 working nights here. So I thought, well maybe after work then I can drive down there and see about it...so my friend told the DON about me coming by...so after my 8 hour shift that turn into a 10 hour shift...was over.. I went and the administrator came in and talked with him which I knew him because I graduated with his son and then I talked with the DON...fill out an application they said the job is mine if I want it...as soon as the background check comes in then I can come and fill out the hiring packet, do the drug test, and the orientation part. So, Monday I am going to put in my 2 weeks. Does anyone have any ideas how to break it my DON? I always had this inkling that people there are terrified that I am going to leave because they have had a big turn over. So, I know she won't happy that I am leaving and surely after only being there for a month....and me just getting out of orientating...I've already wrote a resignation letter.
  5. SouthernBelle85

    Done something in Clinical you weren't supposed to?

    You were probably allow to do it as a student nurse but you probably weren't there in your curriculum yet. Unless it was something outside the scope of practice for your level as the nurse your are studying for like I was a LPN student and couldn't push meds because the hospital policy was that LPN's weren't allow to...even if my board says I can...RN board says I can't.
  6. SouthernBelle85

    Is Your Circadian Rhythm Longer Than Average? Night Owl Versus Morning Person

    Anti-Social is not being shy and not wanting to be around people. It's people who do things that's not socially accepted, like take food off of other people's plate, hit their drink out of their hand, bully people for no reason...doing things to make people angry for the fun of it...usually people with other mental problems. Introvert and Anti-Social is not the same thing. Introvert usually rather not draw attention while Anti-Social people usually likes the attention even though it's negative. Be kind of scary to have a anti-social person as a nurse. I'm a new nurse and orientating and I like the night shift because it's calmer and quieter. I'm not temperamental or impulsive. I'm pretty calm and I'm having to orientate the night shift and day shift...and I like the night shift better especially in a LTC unit...when your expected to hand out 30 plus residence medication, answer calls, talk to family, talk to other staff, make sure CNAs work is done and helping them when needed and get your documentation done which is sometimes 10 or more residence. As well as dealing with the residence needs. It's a lot and sad how under staff most LTC units are... I always felt more focus at night and that's when I would do homework, study, clean, or whatever. Some of us are night owls while other's are morning birds.
  7. SouthernBelle85

    Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    I worked in childcare at a daycare before I decided to get my LPN license. I just graduated and passed NCLEX. Currently job hunting. Working in childcare and making 16 to 18K a year and now maybe making double that...makes it worth it. I don't have kids to support so, 40K is enough to support me right now but I do plan on getting my RN. Hoping in the Spring to start on prereqs and get into a LPN-RN fasttrack program in a year or so. I do not regret going the LPN route because I did not have the money for RN school and technical college was much cheaper because Pell Grants paid for most of it! Plus,it was small classes so I got a lot of one on one with professors in classroom and clinical sights. I think being a LPN for a year is going to help me be a better RN in the future.
  8. If surgery is the speciality that you are really interested in, then I can't see how you can fulfill that as a nurse even as a NP. I could see wanted to be a General Practitioner and decide to go the nursing route because you could go far and a lot of nurses with advance degrees can do a lot that a doctor can do...but I don't think surgery. I think you might regret it if you go the nursing route. Our local surgeon, has like awesome bedside manner and talks to the nursing students...has huge respect for nurses and admits they helped him so much when he was starting out. Having a nursing quality as a doctor would be a really good thing.
  9. SouthernBelle85

    Flu shot for nursing school

    Usually, they will have you to just get when the flu shots are available which is usually around October.
  10. SouthernBelle85

    Mid 40's new LPN career

    I was 30 when I started the LPN and graduated at the age of 32 this pass may and just figured out I passed NCLEX! Though, I don't have any kids or anything. I just quit my job and moved in my parents...it hasn't been fun moving back with the parents at the age of 30 but it was cheaper and convenient and I guess I was lucky in that way. I did have a couple of classmates that were in their 40s and one had a grown son and the other had a teenage daughters and a grand child. I think it was tough for them to balance school and life but they did well in school! I thought I was going the easy route when I started LPN, I knew it was at least the cheapest route rather than start with RN....but it was TOUGH! Lots of studying, crying, almost giving up, getting on anxiety meds....but it's worth it at the end. Good luck!
  11. SouthernBelle85

    75 questions, got the bad pop up

    Yeah, I did the PVT and used the wrong expiration date and it never told me that it was wrong. It just told me I had already registered for a test (or whatever it says). It wasn't the most reassuring, but I found out I passed today. We did ATI through my whole LPN program and did ATI Capstone the last semester...as well as all the proctors and that is really all I did and studied...I did a few other comprehensive test on a few other sites but I found out I passed today! If you didn't pass, then hopefully you can find a good Nclex prep course to take and take it again...sometimes you just have bad days, nerves, not enough sleep, over studying, other stuff on your mind...the only advice I got and figured out with doing ATI and test in nursing school...don't 2nd guess, don't take too much time on a question, just pick what first pops into your mind...because usually that's the right answer!
  12. SouthernBelle85

    Losing your skills if you start out in LTC?

    I have recently graduated from and got my Technical Diploma or Practical Nursing. During school. What I have been told is that it's not best to start off in LTC because they usually don't do IVs, Foleys, ect. What I've noticed in the LTC is there isn't a lot of IVs, especially...most LTC facilities send them out to the hospital if they need that type of medical care. Which kind of scares me because, I really want to be able to be more confident in a lot of skill and don't want to lose technique if I chose LTC. I actually saw a nurse at one of the hospitals I was at for clinicals and she was new there, most of her nursing career (been a nurse for 5 years) she has worked in LTC and clinics. She wasn't able to do IVs and I thought...crap that would be me. I know that LTC pays the best but I think experience is more valuable. Did anybody start out in LTC? Did you feel you lost your skills or did they actually have IVs, blood draws, foleys, NG tubes, and whatever else. I haven't even taken boards yet but I've been trying to kind of put in resumes.
  13. SouthernBelle85

    Lpn student needs advice

    A 16 month RN program?? Our LPN program was 18 months. If you can get a spot in the RN program...take it. I would first check the credentials first/
  14. SouthernBelle85

    Stopped at 75 question. I'm almost sure I failed

    Oh gosh. I haven't took NCLEX yet but we have been taking ATI proctors and I always think I am doing horrible but end up with at least level two and at the beginning of the semester I got 81% chance on the predictor. I take it again Friday. Hopefully it's just anxiety and nervousness making you feel like you did awful and really you did great! Our instructors said the questions start easy and as you are answering them if they are correct, the questions get harder and if u miss it goes down a level. So if they seem hard maybe u were doing well. Any who, sending good vibes and let us know if you passed!
  15. SouthernBelle85

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    I think at this point you may need to go back to school or at least take a refresher course.
  16. SouthernBelle85

    ATI Pharmacology

    I'm not sure if you have taken your Pharm proctor or just preparing to...I made a Level 2 on mine and really all I did was take the ATI quizzes on Pharm like multiple of times. It's good to know lab values and symptoms for like certain types of meds...sx for beta blocks or cillians.....You end up knowing more than you realize. We also had do Capstone which is a program within ATI and you get a mentor and you take a quiz and then the mentor will email you discussion questions on what you miss and you have to answer them and email her back. I hated it but I think it helped in the long run.