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  1. atchemp

    Walden FNP Review

    I was looking into online schools. I just wanted others who are researching - Walden University's nursing program is currently under governmental investigation as of November 9, 2020. Please do your research. You can Google - Governmental Investigation Walden University to see the status. https://www.hlcommission.org/download/_PublicDisclosureNotices/Public Disclosure Notice - Walden University 11.9.20.pdf
  2. atchemp

    Two job offers

    If you are a new grad, try to get hospital experience. That will help you move laterally in the field later in life. People want to see the clinical experience. AS a new grad - focus on one job. I would not try to juggle two jobs. Once your comfortable with your job, then venture out. I wouldn't stress myself out. Good Luck!
  3. atchemp

    Statistics book refresher?

    I haven't taken stats in many years and will start the FNP program in the Spring. I wanted to freshen up on stats but don't want to pay for a course. I just want a good and simple refresher. I hear the statistics test during research is challenging. Any suggestions of books that have samples and has a workbook portion that others found valuable for nursing grad school?
  4. atchemp

    UTA FNP 2016

    I applied to the FNP program at UTA for April 2016. They stated they would not give acceptance letters until 4-6 weeks out. I'm thinking about taking NURS 5327 (Theories) in January but I have a big trip in March and didn't want to dive in until April. I'm all in for a study group - especially for patho and pharm. Study groups helped me survive with increasing my knowledge and camaraderie throughout nursing school. If were both in, lets get one going!!
  5. atchemp

    Can Californians apply to UTA FNP?

    As of September 2015, you still have to be a Texas resident. I live in Virginia but my husband is in the military (from Texas) and I was able to apply for the FNP program. Just wanted to comment incase other military nurses from Texas (but not stationed there) wanted to know.