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  1. TWUgrad2015

    First Job in Private Duty!

    Hey boris_explorer, did you start working for Angels of Care? If so, what are your thoughts, good company to work for, training, orientation, etc.? Thanks!
  2. TWUgrad2015

    Baylor vs. UTSW

    This is my first post, but I've been a lurker for awhile. Absolutely love this site! Long story short, I'm a new BSN graduate and currently have 2 GN job offers that I am deciding between-Baylor and UTSW. Initially, I had 3, but turned down Med City. Anyway, I know that both are great hospitals but would love to hear any thoughts on which one to choose. UTSW pays more, but from what I hear, Baylor is an awesome teaching/learning environment. I am grateful to be in this position, to have options, but would love any information that may help me make my decision. Having a good corporate culture, where I am able to learn and be nurtured is important. Thanks in advance!
  3. TWUgrad2015

    UT Southwestern GN Internship

    Thank you! Yes, that does help because I was wondering about the shifts. So glad that it is working out for you! I did receive an offer but I now also have offers from Baylor and Med City. Decisions. Decisions!
  4. TWUgrad2015

    Need advice on which job to choose as a new grad..........

    I realize that this is a really old post, but wanted to ask how has your experience been on the transplant unit? I am a new grad with 3 job offers trying to make a decision between Surgical Oncology, Transplant, and Med Surg.
  5. TWUgrad2015

    UT Southwestern GN Internship

    Can you give us an update on how the Med Surg internship is going for you? I interviewed for Med Surg for the fall internship. Thank you!
  6. TWUgrad2015

    UT Southwestern GN Internship

  7. TWUgrad2015

    Baylor Graduate Nurse Internships Fall 2015

    Hi there! I recently received an offer from Baylor for GN Transplant. I know 3 of my classmates have already accepted offers from Baylor: MICU/BUMC, ICU/McKinney, and Postpartum/FW.