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  1. Hi everyone, I am planning on moving to London and I know the whole process for getting UK license is long and hectic however, I just got no idea how to prepare for the exam and OSCE. If anyone has done the exams or are in process of doing so please ...
  2. RN nurse trying to work in UK

    thanks ..... i will look into it
  3. RN nurse trying to work in UK

    Hi everyone, I a new RN currently living in London. The reason for this thread is to get some help on what to do with my degree. I really wanted to be a nurse and I have worked really hard to be where I am at the moment. I have checked with NMC, the...
  4. infection control

    thank you
  5. infection control

    Hi, I have a question on infection control. I have seen in all my nursing books that influenza is a droplet precaution however, on CDC it says H1N1 influenza should have contact precaution. Can anyone please explain if both contact and droplet are ap...
  6. Pass NCLEX-RN 2nd Time (76Q)... and Uworld

    Hello everyone, I have to take my nclex rn and I have failed it before. I am also using UWORLD but my performance score is showing as 57% my exam is in three weeks and I am super freaked out .... I am almost done with 1,760 questions that's on the U...
  7. What Helped Me Pass the NCLEX

    Hello, I am glad you passed. I am really struggling to pass my NCLEX RN. I just wanted to know I am purchasing the studyguide you mentioned. Does it just have rationales or is it also consist of other content. Also, does it have a pharm section? Tha...
  8. Purchased Remar Review

    Hi, did you get to buy the reMar review course?
  9. Purchased Remar Review

    @love81 did you find uworld and remar review useful?