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  1. tara27687

    Williston, ND: latest news?

    HI agates, I have updated information. The hospital staff does use the Mercy Heights Apt and I think rent is running about $850 a month for a 1 bdrm. I do not know about pay
  2. tara27687

    Moving to ND

    I was just offered a job at Mercy and should be starting in January. I am hoping to find a studio for under $900. Its just me and I am scared but excited too
  3. Where all did you apply for NP school? mine is more MHA from George Washington University Which school is your first choice and why? Georgetown for the prestige What speciality? (FNP, PMHNP, ACNP, AGNP, etc)? MHA What was your GPA, GRE, and how much/what type of experience did you have? GPA 3.2, I have about 10 yrs Have you heard back from any school(s) yet? yes, ACCEPTED What semester are you looking to start? Jan 2016-Spring Online or on campus?online
  4. tara27687

    MHA online from GWU

    I will start classes in Jan 2016 for the Masters of Health Administration from George Washington. Does anyone know if the acceptance rate is high or low? I have seen the rates on the internet but I can't tell if they include online acceptance or not. I wanted to get into a school that is hard to gain acceptance to help with jobs later.
  5. I will be starting my MHA from GWU Miliken Institute of Public Health in January (online). I am very anxious and would like to know what people think of this program. Is it competitive? Does everyone get in? I like the ease of taking a class online but..wanted some professional opinions from the nursing side of health admin.
  6. tara27687

    VHA RN .9FTE

    The GI clinic in Cheyenne Wy utilizes the 36 hr a week option. We work from Mon-Thurs from 0730-1630 some days give or take an hr. We usually ended up working OT because the procedures would last longer
  7. tara27687

    George Washington MHA Oct start date

    Hey all, Is there anyone out there who starts the MHA cohort at George Washington University online? I am looking for a buddy:)