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  1. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    This. We are not like the police or firemand exactly. I am 32 and watch nurses that are 67 still working the floor because honestly they CANT retire. Their pay didn't shoot up every year and I watch nurse be forced to retire from hospitals only to en...
  2. Considering Quitting my Job

    Can you change your status to casual at the hospital to work less shifts sooner? If not either way. You first * take care of you first!
  3. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    You may feel very satisfied doing a higher lever of care. But detox is mentally and spiritually draining on its own. But perhaps CSS or a higher level of care elsewhere and I really suggest per diem or at most part time if you ever go back to detox....
  4. Considering Quitting my Job

    This. Do they give a notice when they fire people? No. You will be fine. As far as references I'm sure you have three friends you can think of. And lastly next interview if they are bothered by you quitting with no ppe they are not the right pla...
  5. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    Do not go back. This is an extremely unsafe situation. I work in detox and once worked overnights in a place where I was the only nurse for 32 people at night with lax training and drugs being passed all night by newly hired staff who were high them...
  6. Unreasonable Risks are not part of the job

    I am an LPN who works from home and also does prn detox ( think homeless, hep c and hiv, not med compliant) My mother is an NP getting her doctorate who teaches at a University. I have three Master Level aunts 1 in ICU in GA One Manages the nephro...
  7. I need help im caught in between occupational therapy and nursing

    My mom is an np and i am an lpn looking fo change career. Because of my sisters (who is 20) laid back cheerful personality i told her ot and she is so happy she made that choice. Listen to your gut. I know so many nurses who tell me, " i shouldve bee...
  8. CNA disrespect?

    No. Dont do it. There are just so many other jobs out there that will pay the same with more dignity. In nursing school i stopped being a cna and went to work at the mall. Made more in the mall, my body didnt hurt and i had fun at work. Plus nursing ...
  9. 58 years old - Am I too old to start nursing school??

    I see older nurses at my job with yearrrrsss of experience that always say " whose gonna hire an old lady?" Ageism unfortunately is real and is probably very discouraging but is it there so know you will deal with it unfair or not.
  10. Pros and Cons to becoming a Nurse Practioner (NP)

    Honestly i think it may depend on where you live. My mom is a nurse practitioner after working her way up from lpn. In MA everyone is in school. Its very competitive whereas my aunt in north Carolina is a bsn and i feel like the cost of schooling and...
  11. Leaving nursing for healthcare administration

    Ive been an lpn for 5 years usually in assisted living where i learned that i love to manage. I have no interest in bedside nursing whatsoever but enjoy advocating for patients and love paperwork. Just wondering if i should be this an admin vs someth...
  12. Please help!!!! Should I leave my first nursing job 2 weeks into orientation?

    You worked hard for that license dont jeopardize it because you want to start your career. Surely other place you apply to after will know that facility and its reputation. Youll have to learn the right way all over again. Be patient and listen to yo...
  13. No babies for this NICU nurse

    I am currently pregnant with my first and my last and before i said i would never have children so i completely understand people that are childless by choice. People will judge you matter what and find a way to belittle you. That man was rude. I do ...
  14. LPN being scheduled to work as CNA....

    Nurses that say suck it up are the reason nurses work through their break and are short staffed. No other career would accept this.