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    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    I've been a nurse for over 35 years and have never worked anywhere for longer than 9 years. I have been laid off 5 times due to mergers, businesses going out of business and at my last job, which I thought I would have forever, the hospital outsourced my department and downsized the rest of the hospital. However, I've always tried my best to really know my job and do it well, and found myself throughout my career years, bouncing around from one specialty area to other completely different specialty areas. So when my last job permanently laid me off, I being a healthy 65 years old, decided to go back to school work on my DNP and take certification courses in those nursing activities I'd always longed to have and do. When I'm finally done or nearly done, I hope there will be a job waiting for me in a place where I'd like to live, or I'll just start my own nursing business. I love mentoring and hope to do lots of that, too. No one better tell me I'm too old or not current in nursing.