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  1. MDS

    Hello there awesome MDS RNs, I recently applied for RN position and was offered for MDS position. I'm new to this area of specialty and looking for help from an experienced and/or have background in MDS to help me becoming familiar with this area. I...
  2. New MDS Coordinator

    Hello there Forrest RN & NurseMimi3, I am a new to MDS. I just applied for a RN position and was offered to be a MDS. I'm thinking to accept the offer but I don't know anything about it. However, I would like to become familiar with MDS as well a...
  3. I want to be a Navy Nurse

    Hello my fellow nurses, I am an active RN license who graduated with BSN degree (received my degree from a US institution) who wants to join military because I dream to be a Navy nurse. However, I am a green card holder and I can't join as a nurse b...