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kubivern specializes in CNS, PMHNP, EMS, ER, Instructor.

9 years of nursing, 20+ years EMS, 20+ years nuclear physics

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    I do not believe that where you get your BSN will matter - as long as you have it, you should be good. Just make sure the BSN program is accredited by either the ACEN or the CCNE - the Grand Canyon website says it is accredited by CCNE. I do not bel...
  2. Need suggestions for post MSN PMHNP, online

    Have you tried nursingcas.org? I don't have anything to do with the website - I used it for my Post Master's Certificate and DNP as it does list a lot of programs. I believe it does not cost anything to search.
  3. Shame on you ANCC : Psych CNS: Don't precept Psych NP's

    The Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (2nd Edition), p. 7 states: "Whether practicing under the title of clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or NP, Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurses share the s...
  4. "smart enough" for DNP program?

    Don't ever sell yourself short. If you put in the effort, you are "smart enough" to take on any DNP program. You got your MSN - many DNP programs are BSN to DNP. So you are halfway there. And I don't think that GPA is a great indicator of how smar...
  5. A little frustrated/confused about BSN/ADN

    I have educated in both ADN and BSN classes for a number of years. The ADN path is an excellent path for an individual who wants to become a nurse. Yes, there is a large push to get RNs with an ADN to continue forward to get his or her BSN. Like a...
  6. Fate of the CNS degree

    Like many of the other posters, I am also a CNS. I think that it all depends on where you want to work and what you want to do - that is the way all careers should be chosen. But I would be cautious on going into the CNS role - I just don't see a ...
  7. PEDS CNS exam to be retired Dec 2015

    I would definitely look around - I am a recent Adult CNS and I am attending Rush University to get my PMHNP. Rush took many of my CNS classes towards my PMHNP. I went through nursingcas.org (I think that is the correct URL) and looked at the program...
  8. How to get there?

    I teach in Practical Nursing and Associate Degree Registered Nursing programs in Idaho and we highly encourage individuals wanting to become nurses but are still in high school to take dual credit classes (you receive both high school and college cr...
  9. CNS student

    I did not participate in a "consensus" program per se, but I did share a number of courses with the NPs. Specifically all non-clinical and introductory classes were shared - for example, health assessment, patho, pharm, research, roles, etc. were sha...
  10. CNS student

    I took my test yesterday and passed. As the previous poster mentioned, you will probably take the Adult Gerontological CNS exam if you are just starting - I took the Adult CNS exam so our exams will be slightly different. I went overboard on studying...
  11. Idaho Falls Blackfoot or Pocatello

    Blackfoot is the smaller of the three locations you listed. I know friends with children requiring specialized education and both Idaho Falls and Pocatello do have schools that provide that education - I imagine Blackfoot does as well but Idaho Falls...
  12. Moving to Idaho?

    I teach at Idaho State University on the southeastern side of Idaho, but we have several students who come from the Boise area each year to participate in our ADRN program. Those students have nothing but good things to say about the Boise area - it ...
  13. They pay what???

    "According to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the average salary of a nurse practitioner, across settings and specialties, is $ $91,310. By contrast, AACN reported in March 2011 that master's prepared faculty earned an annual average sal...
  14. Calling all current cns students

    Searching at Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs | Find Accredited CNS Degrees showed several Pediatric CNS programs, including Post-Masters Programs. I know when I was searching for online programs it was critical to make sure that the Post-Masters p...
  15. payscale for nursing educators

    I will certainly confirm what several others have stated - don't do it for the money. I work at a state unversity in an Associate Degree Registered Nursing Program. Often my student graduates start at a higher wage than I earn. And on average we work...