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jessimee has 8 years experience and specializes in Med-surg (peds and adult).

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  1. Is this legal?

    Yep, after thinking it over you are spot on. I think her "My advanced degree vs your google research" comment sort of embarrassed me for her (we may think that, but to say it directly to a large audience of people you know is apt to really turn off ...
  2. Is this legal?

    FolksBtrippin, I was asking. I wasn't sure if there were legalities involved in making an assumption of an established provider-client relationship. There is some assumption of liability when giving advice to your neighbors...
  3. Is this legal?

    That's just one example. She does get more detailed with her advice.
  4. Is this legal?

    I'm just curious about the legality of something. There is a newly minted FNP in my neighborhood who frequents the neighborhood Facebook page giving medical advice. There was a discussion going on today about the flu shot and she made the statement...
  5. For example, you are a certified med-surg RN (your facility pays you extra for being certified) with "x" years of experience and you transfer to the case management department as an RN. You are not a CCM. Can your organization lower your pay rate?
  6. Resources?

    Hi All! I work in a small suburban hospital as the admit/discharge (mostly discharge) nurse. It seems that a large percentage of the patients I discharge have "uncontrolled type 2 diabetes" as one of their diagnoses. We even have a fair number of ...
  7. Break Relief RN

    I work as the "resource nurse" on a med-surg unit. We typically have more surgical patients than medicals, so we have lots of admissions/discharges. I work 7-3, weekdays and my role includes helping with morning med pass (try to do one patient for ...
  8. Hospitals in Denver

    Of the three, I would recommend St. Anthony first. It is run by Centura, which is non-profit, and has a reputation for treating its nurses well. I work at another Centura facility and I find that to be true. Swedish is for-profit, run by HealthOne...
  9. Don't do the physicians work!

    We have a few physicians who refuse to learn Epic. I had one recently who couldn't figure out how to put a patient on the particular insulin regimen that he wanted. He ordered "something similar", asked us to fix it, and left. Not only did I then ...
  10. Less expensive online AGNP programs?

    I am a CPNP, but have been working on an adult med/surg floor for a while to get adult experience. I think I am now ready to go back for a post-master's as an AGNP. It seems like there are more FNP programs out there, but I would prefer to just do ...
  11. Tell me why you regret about becoming a Nurse

    If I could do it all over again, I would choose to be a musician (stringed instruments). But, that being said, I am happy being a nurse. I have never held a nursing job or worked in a specialty that I didn't enjoy. As a nurse, I make enough money ...
  12. Help with a slogan??

    Im hoping to come up with something that represents who we are as a specialty.
  13. Med Surg v.s. Pediatrics Nurse! Help!

    As a new grad, I worked as a pediatric med-surg nurse. I loved it but it was challenging as a new grad. We cared for all pediatric surgical patients in the hospital--everything from appendectomies to neurosurgeries, to urologic surgeries and orthop...
  14. Help with a slogan??

    Hi All--I work at a small-ish hospital and some of the units have hoodies that they are allowed to wear at work (our uniform policies are otherwise pretty strict) with slogans/logos on them that represent their unit. ICU, for example has a slogan ab...
  15. Should mean people be allowed to be mean at work?

    Thank you all for your thoughtful responses--I appreciate them all! My plan to deal with this is as follows--I will continue to not engage with her, acknowledge her frustration and move on. I will encourage anyone who approaches me with a concern (...