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Peds_nurse_oneday's Latest Activity

  1. Peds_nurse_oneday

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

    I got waitlisted for Peds Acute Care. Got the email today.
  2. Peds_nurse_oneday

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

    Anyone heard from Peds Acute Care?
  3. Peds_nurse_oneday

    Cook Children's July 2019 Nurse Residency

    Hey Guys, I’m glad Someone started this thread. I have applied to the medical surgical track. I’m from Florida, Anyone else applying from out of state?
  4. Peds_nurse_oneday

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

    Hey Guys, I’m from Florida and I applied to the pediatric acute care track. Working at Vandy is a dream. I pray I get an interview. I think calls can start anytime after February 20th.
  5. Peds_nurse_oneday

    Emory BSN Application Fall 2016

    Emory University has overhauled the application process for the School of Nursing. October 15th* is now the priority deadline. Applicants will be Notified by December 15th. I am so excited about applying. But I wanted to know my odds of actually getting accepted. I had a 4.0 GPA at the first University I Attended, And a 3.76 at my current university. I have 1 W on my transcript for a dropped science course but I have retaken it and got an A. Will that W look super bad to the admissions committee? I have worked as a home-health aide and currently work as a Patient Transporter at a hospital. I have a lot of volunteer experience and have participated in two research studies. Emory is my dream school. What do you think my odds are of getting in? Do my stats fall in the middle or back of the pack? If you are planning to apply.....What are your stats if you do not mind posting them. Is anyone going to the Open house on October 10th. I am traveling to Atlanta from out of state to attended.