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Graduated Bachelor in Business Administration in 2002. Worked as a Flight Attendant from 2003-2013. Became a Mom 2013. Want to be a BSN in the next chapter of my life.

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  1. Hi! So how did it go? I inquired aug12 and I started aug31... Good luck!
  2. Chamberlain Nursing School... Is it worth it???

    Its different for everyone. i am 36 yrs old and looking at a second bachelors degree. i cant afford to wait until i get into a cheaper school. i am hoping to get my BSN by the time im 40. and hopefully pay my student loan and start working on my son'...
  3. What did you do before nursing?

    After finishing my bachelor in business administration degree, I flew for an Arab airline for 10 years. 6 continents later, I became a mom and stayed home to take care of my little boy for 3 years and now I am currently working on getting into Chambe...