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  1. I would take the nursing manager home health position. I did that for 3 years and was the most fun I ever had. Unfortunately, the position had to end because my boss couldn't afford the staff any longer and had lost a lot of contracts. What I did ...
  2. Canadian courses to upgrade nursing skills

    I must get out of hospital nursing or nursing altogether. But I have not honestly explored the options we have as nurses to specialize and I need some advice or suggestions to alter this career. I don't want to go back for my degree, I have no inte...
  3. I've been suspended

    Nursing sucks! It's ruined my life, and made me unhappy for 20 years. I wish I didn't use money as an excuse to stay in this profession.
  4. I've been suspended

    Your supervisor is an idiot. Literally this is one reason I hate the nursing profession.
  5. I've been suspended

    That makes no sense. Could she not have been more specific?
  6. My New Year's Resolution

    My resolution is to be truthful and honest with myself. Accept myself for who I am. Not compete with anyone. And put my happiness first. Regardless of what anyone else thinks. I want to do something completely different. Live a minimalistic lif...
  7. Nursing is making me ill.

    Right now I am working in a hospital. I did telemetry years before, and that was the worst dumping ground. I think also I just don't find nursing work interesting anymore. I can actually admit I am so BORED. Being busy is one thing. But busy a...
  8. Nursing is making me ill.

    I'm pretty sure it is nursing. I've tried a lot of types of different areas of this profession. To be honest I am thinking about quitting my job and working my own business now. I know I may be making a lot less but I don't care anymore. I just ...
  9. I don't want to clean poop

    Just cause we do the job of cleaning it, doesn't mean we like it. I hate poop!
  10. Cover for Me! I Need to pump!

    Yup, they are turned into one or two year temporary positions. EXACTLY!
  11. Cover for Me! I Need to pump!

    We do it in Canada all the time...LOL! It's not that complicated. It's the right thing to do. It is too bad that the US still thinks this is soooooo hard to give a woman a year or two off. Honestly, given the job shortages you all complain about,...
  12. Why are nurses so backbiting?

    It is very simple...Hospitals don't promote unit moral. They simply want us to rat on each other and constantly put blame on us for anything that goes wrong. So many nurses are now paranoid and need to write each other up too. You don't see doctor...
  13. Cover for Me! I Need to pump!

    Ok, but that is not exactly helpful to a new mom. Since when should having kids be less important than a job? If you believe that companies should not have to hold a job for a year or two, then that is basically saying, TUFF... Don't have kids if y...
  14. Cover for Me! I Need to pump!

    12 weeks is still not enough time for a maternity leave. In Canada it's 2 years and your job is secure.
  15. Cover for Me! I Need to pump!

    For GOD SAKES! When will the U.S. Ever extend the 6 weeks off Maternity leave? I remember going back to work engorged and in pain. It's so inhumane!