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  1. lkhrn

    Pain meds

    Looking for a handy pain Med card that correlates to patient pain score. Ie if patient says pain is score 5 then appropriate Med to address that pain is xxx. Our Mar informs us of this info for prescribed pain med - but a quick reference card for convo with MD when looking for another Med more appropriate for the score would be handy. Of course many reasons for yes or no on request - I'm just looking for handy reference ..... prob a reference card to hang behind badge.
  2. lkhrn

    Vein finders

    Do these work? Need help finding deep veins and on dark skin at bedside.
  3. lkhrn

    Expecting a tough question

    Thank you for your input. Would love to hear from others too.
  4. lkhrn

    Expecting a tough question

    I will be interviewing soon for a GN position and want to be prepared to field a question that may come up based on my history. Earlier this year I started a GN program - but withdrew to care for my terminally ill mother. At the time of my withdrawal, I had been 9 weeks into the program and was having a tough time with my preceptor(authoritative style v. I do better with a nurturer), time management, & made a couple of med errors (horrifying but I learned from them). The stress all around was taking a toll - and though leaving to care for my mother was paramount - I was glad to leave because I was not flourishing in that environment. I learned a lot there but it was time to go for all the reasons stated. The manager was very kind - but there was no offer to come back to them when my personal situation resolved. If I am asked in an interview "why didn't you go back to where you were" - how do I respond? Also - if the application asks if they can call my former manager - I am not sure what she would say so I am hesitant to give the OK to contact her - but won't that raise a big red flag? My path has been smooth & straightforward in life until this - so I welcome your input. Thanks.

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