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  1. gksgPwjd

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Hey sorry to ride along with your questions but is this residency program strictly people straight out of nursing school or for all nurses? It says new grad but I heard you have to do the residency program even if you are experienced elsewhere.
  2. gksgPwjd

    Houston Community College ADN Spring 2016 Applicants

    Just wondering, but does anybody when the students who are exiting nursing school take their NCLEX-RN exam? The faster they get it done, the faster we'll know if they will have the program in spring right?
  3. Wow so many he says she says.. Do you guys have any alternates in mind? I'm thinking about just getting my bachelors in biology at u of h if I don't get accepted or if they say they're not going to have spring.
  4. Catherine told me I can e-mail it to Rosa. Hopefully she'll e-mail me back saying she has received it.. fingers crossed for next semester.
  5. I am so confused as to why this is happening.. calling Catherine and she is not picking up.
  6. I just feel like they should be forced to open up more rooms considering the fact that they are telling us one week before school starts. Well then... I was about to go up to the school tomorrow to prove all my points/arguments, but I guess there wil...
  7. And now we are being punished for having high hopes of getting in because they found out last minute that they don't have enough room... how irresponsible..
  8. Were you waitlisted or conditionally accepted? Did you also ask why they conditionally accepted so many students just to find out that a good chunk of them weren't even going to get accepted because of space availability?
  9. Okay well I hope she replies to all the e-mails that students are sending because school is in a week.. how crazy is that.
  10. Were you on the waiting list? If not, then there is definitely something fishy going on here. You should e-mail them and voice out your concerns. I'm going to call Catherine tomorrow as well.
  11. gksgPwjd

    Waiting to hear from HCC Coleman for Spring 2015 for ADN.

    Was the nursing program for HCC always this disorganized??
  12. Christaglo, I hope your comment is not true. I got an e-mail at 6PM today saying I wasn't accepted because either I did not meet the clinical requirements or there wasn't enough seats. I finished all my requirements besides my mumps titer which I sub...