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travelNP has 8 years experience and specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I am a traveling Nurse Practitioner from Florida. Please check out my blog about locum tenens work for Nurse Practitioners.

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  1. For APRNs: What's your lifestyle like?

    Being an ARNP is great! I enjoy working outpatient because I can leave work at work. I am paid 6 figures so money isn't an issue. I work as a traveler so vacation time is unlimited but I usually take 2-3 months off per year.
  2. Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

    yes but jobs are usually slim in this area, and credentialing takes a while.
  3. 1. If I were you I would work in locum tenens so you can travel to different parts of the country and work in various clinical settings, since you aren't tied down anywhere in particular. 2. If you are looking for the perm route I would definitely ch...
  4. New Grad FNP. Work in FL or AZ?

    FL job market is pretty tough especially without experience. I would try AZ, there are plenty of opportunities there.
  5. NP Locum/travel pay

    As a locums FNP the most they pay hourly is typically $75/h for non-specialty, depending on experience. Government locums pay less though.
  6. Locum Tenens Rates

    Only the w2 agencies pay less than $60/h. The 1099 companies usually pay $55-70/h depending on experience for outpatient.
  7. Is there a market for tele-NPs?

    There is definitely an interest to work in this field at a nurse practitioner standpoint. However, not all states allow it yet.
  8. Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

    It may be a good option to work for government traveling assignments so you can just use one license instead of applying for multiple ones. Depends on the time frame you are looking to stay in each state as well.
  9. Locum Tenens Rates

    It always varies, but from what I've seen, FNP's can easily get up to $70/h locum tenens. For psych, since it's a specialty and in high demand, they often offer up to $100/h. Definitely shop around and always ask for more than the minimum you are wil...
  10. Why are there so many SHADY clinics hiring? *New grad Vent*

    Haha sounds like Miami.
  11. Travel NP

    Glad you are enjoying it!
  12. Travel NP

    Yes there are a bunch, depends on what you are looking for.
  13. Education Advice appreciated

    I would just do the fastest option which seems to be the RN to MSN program.
  14. Age Discrimination in Nursing

    There is also age discrimination of young nurses too. This is unfortunate, as we would like to look to older nurses as mentors.
  15. University of Miami FNP 2016

    Part time is 2 years and they have spring and fall commencing semesters. Tuition is about 36k for the program. I think it is worth it if you do the full time program since it is only 1 year.