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  1. Getting HIRED!

    Hello and good morning nurses! So, I have recently passed my nursing test and have sent off payment for initial license. Should I start applying for LVN/LPN jobs now or wait until I actually receive the license?
  2. Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    You can do it! I went to school 7 years ago took the test once didn't take it again until this past July and I passed. Keep us all updated.
  3. Ca nclex pn july 2015

    I did the trick got the same thing. Got my results today I passed. It worked for me!
  4. NCLEX Blues

    I PASSED!!!!
  5. Ca nclex pn july 2015

    You can't see them until they mail them! Sucks I know. However you can try the trick. It's not 100% accurate tho. Everyone that I've known whose done the trick for the past four years it has worked for them.
  6. Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

  7. Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    That one is there more along the lines for confidence of anything. I'm pretty sure I passed
  8. Ca nclex pn july 2015

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate that. I hope sometime next week. I'm gonna call them tomorrow morning and check the status
  9. NCLEX Blues

    yes I love the app. It was definitely worth the 30$.
  10. Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    Sorry I thought that stood for certified restorative nursing assistant. Excuse me.
  11. NCLEX Blues

    This time I actually studied vigorously. I will admit I was a little cocky the first time around. Passing all of my modules with A's I felt I didn't need to study. I did however, browse through a couple of things before I took it. To be honest I did...
  12. Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    Yes Ca. Would you recommend I call to see where they are on processing?
  13. NCLEX Blues

    Hello to all my nurses! So I took my NCLEX-PN on July 23,2015. I still haven't received any results. I did the pvt as soon as I came out of the building and got the "good pop up." I also did it again 48 hours later and then a week later. Still good....
  14. Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    I took my test July 23, 2015. Did pvt trick as soon as I came out of the building got "good pop up" tried it again two weeks later still "good pop up" but no results I'm approaching the 4 week mark. The waiting game is really intense. Especially, whe...
  15. Ca nclex pn july 2015

    First off, CONGRATS @Mrsmonteon!!!! I took my NCLEX-pn in California July 23, 2015. Is it safe to say I will be receiving my results some time next week? I did pvt trick as well and got the "good pop up" just waiting for results. I already have a job...