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  1. StephPghRN

    Duquesne online FNP - anyone?

    Please keep posts coming regarding this program. I agree there is not much on it and I am also considering switching to this program. The more info the better!
  2. StephPghRN

    Pmhnp ancc board exam passed 2017

    I have a question for you regarding your program. I noticed that you went to Drexel. I'm currently enrolled in a brick and mortar PMHNP program and looking to transfer to an online one. I had a lot of issues with my patho class and I'm not impressed with the faculty unfortunately. But I saw on the Drexel schedule that you have some days when you have to appear on campus. Is that for the whole semester or is it just for a day or 2? Unfortunately I live in Pgh and I wouldn't be able to up root for a semester or 2. Any input appreciated.
  3. StephPghRN

    How many NP programs did you apply to?

    I live in Pittsburgh, (don't know what part of the country you are from) and we have to schools here that offer the psych specific track. University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris. I applied to Robert Morris more for a lot of personal preferences and I got in first try. I start the program in August, but the application/ acceptance process was pretty much smooth sailing, I have no complaints and the program it's self is a better fit for me than Pitts. Again it's all based on personal prefernce and needs though.
  4. StephPghRN

    How many NP programs did you apply to?

    I applied to one school, I was only going to apply to 2 in my area because they are the only 2 that offer the mental health track. My BSN GPA was 3.2 but I have strong work and life experience, great letters of recommendation and didn't need the GRE. I got into the only one I applied to that happened to be my first choice. I must have good luck because the same thing happened with undergrad.
  5. StephPghRN

    DNP in mental health

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know to continue to go for it regardless of your GPA. My BSN GPA was just over 3.2 I believe and I was accepted into the one and only PMHNP- DNP program that I applied to. I feel that they look at GPA sometimes, but I feel like relevant life and work experiences play a bigger role in their decision making process. My background: I worked in a pediatric office for a year and a half, worked on a step down medicine unit for a year in a half and now I currently work in a neuro ICU. So as you can see no psych experience. If you have the strive you can do it!
  6. StephPghRN

    Rejecting a job counter-offer

    I agree. If you want to work in peds, you should take the offer. If your long term is to be a CRNP I would actually wonder if an ER is the best place for experience? Usually floor nursing will get you better experience with disease processes etc as opposed to an ER.
  7. StephPghRN

    UPMC Post-interview hiring process

    Yay bunny! That's my hospital!! I wish we had lake view but the city will do lol.
  8. StephPghRN

    UPMC Post-interview hiring process

    Which hospital if you don't mind? Idk if you can put that on here. I don't read the rules lol. I did the same thing with my unit director because I felt like I was waiting forever. I think that they make you wait at least a week before you hear from "talent acquisition" so keep yourself busy. My unit director said if I had not heard from them by a week to email her back to let her know. Low and behold, 1 week to the day they called! I'll keep fingers crossed for you!
  9. StephPghRN

    UPMC Post-interview hiring process

    Usually if you aren't getting an offer they won't even call you. You won't hear from anybody you will likely get a rejection email (if you are lucky). Sometimes you just don't hear from anybody at all. For those who did hear, welcome :)
  10. StephPghRN

    What did you do before nursing?

    I was a veterinary technician for 10 years. Let me tell you there are as many veterinary technician programs in Pgh as there are nursing schools! Anyway did that for 10 years, loved working with the animals, but got completely burnt out on the lack of advancement and pay. Decided since I had to deal with people so much in that field anyway I might as well go take care of them and now I'm an RN working on my BSN and likely going to pursue a DNP. As you can see.... Much more room for advancement!
  11. StephPghRN

    8/22 What I learned this week....

    This week I have learned: 1. That my "easy" 3 online classes are going to be way more work than I bargained for at the same time I'm orienting to my new job. 2. That I am still just as confused by the last 2 aspects of my BSN portfolio as I was before classes started. 3. That when you fall asleep at 7 with a migraine, you wake up at 1. 4. Make friends with everyone. Or at least be friendly. It makes day long orientations go by so much faster.
  12. StephPghRN

    Finally passed NCLEX-RN on 6th Attempt!

    Congrats to you! I feel your pain! It was definitely a struggle for me as well, but in the end we are victorious!