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  1. MelissaLoyRN

    I screwed up my first year and a half

    I obtained my Associate's Degree using the traditional method of going into school and attending clinical with my peers from the didactic courses. I graduated in 2011 and I remember it was hard work and a lot of dedication, especially with time. I did obtain my Bachelor's and Master's degree online. The best advice I can tell you, from my current memory when getting my Master's, is to work on a little bit at least four times a week. You will need to set time aside to get your assignments completed. For me, I would start schoolwork at 4p and might stop at 8p. If you're doing that 4-5x/week, then you should have no problem getting work finished and working ahead. The worst part for me was arranging my schedule or forcing in my practicum rotations during my Master's program. I had to have family take my son for a while while I was in practicum, five months, so that I could finish my program. Take each assignment one by one. Break the whole assignment up and go piece by piece on the rubric. Turn it into a checklist. Ensure you are meeting the course objectives. I know its not easy. I feel as if I was borderline through my Associate's program, but by the time I finished my Master's programs my grades averaged around 95%. You know, life is about chances. You'll never know unless you push through and find out. Sorry I couldn't offer any better advice, but my own experiences in education. Hope this helps, even a little! Melissa
  2. MelissaLoyRN

    What to include on CV & Resume

    Hey there! I just completed my Master's Degree program and one of my last assignments was to make a CV. A CV is more of a brag sheet and it may be multiple pages. It is detailed, yet to the point, that includes every project and achievements you have received related to the profession. It is more academically oriented. The resume is more work related and, in my opinion, more professional looking. Click here for an excellent resource about this from University of NC, Chapel Hill. I hope that helps :) Melissa
  3. MelissaLoyRN

    Tips for New Nurse Educators

    I actually finish my MSN in Education in less than a week. I am so excited, but I am also nervous. I just purchased that book used from Amazon for $1.95 with $3 shipping. I am looking forward to using it. Everyone has offered such great advice. This is a very valuable post.
  4. MelissaLoyRN

    CNA salary

    Hello! I am currently a nurse supervisor at my rehabilitation and long term care center in Upstate South Carolina. I work for one of the two largest companies around here and the CNAs make $8/hr. They do not consider your past experience. Apparently, there are so many CNAs looking for work there is no demand. CNAs that have been there forever are making over $10/hr because they were hired at better times, years ago. I have heard the other large company, which I have also worked, at starts their CNAs for about the same thing. Hope this helps!
  5. MelissaLoyRN

    Screaming match with my preceptor

    Hello! Being a new grad and the lowest on the totem pole at work does not help your case. I don't even know that I would have reported her from the start because I feel that is "stirring the pot" so to speak. Sometimes you either fit in with your work environment or you don't. That is is something that I have noticed at my current job. It is a shame that your career had to start out like this. If I were you, I also would not have blown up as you did. That is not very professional. Remember to maintain professionalism because it will take you far. Personally, I feel your days are numbered. You could try to work on your relationships with the staff, especially your preceptor, but that doesn't mean they will be mature about it. I would consider looking for work elsewhere. There has to be a place you can work where you confidently walk into feeling accepted, working successfully, and not be treated the way you have. I am sorry for your unfortunate circumstance and good luck!
  6. MelissaLoyRN

    Full time working moms - how do you manage it?

    I have been working full time and going to school full time. I just finished grad school. What has helped me is working night shift. I only have one nine year old child, but it was a struggle. If I was in your situation, I would continue to work part time, if you can afford it. Keep your schedule the way it is and try going to school online. I had to do practicum with online coursework. That is when it became very difficult for me. If you stay committed, you'll be successful. It will not be easy. Good luck! Melissa
  7. MelissaLoyRN

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Hey Everyone, I was able to obtain my BSN while working third shift full time and being a single parent. It does take a lot of dedication and faculty are not sources of motivation at all. I have found support from my advisor. I finished my BSN in February 2014. I gave myself a month break and I started on to go for my Master's in Nursing Education. I felt like they were just like the BSN courses; however, the material became more intense in my opinion. I am currently finishing up my first practicum. I have one more practicum that started in three weeks and then I will have completed all of my courses for the MSN November 28, in just three months. I have also worked full time as a third shift nurse while in this program and I am a single mother. It takes a lot of sacrifice. The biggest challenge in the program was finding my practicum sites. The last two courses are 11 weeks and each course requires a separate practicum course with 88 hours of on site practicum for each course. No one in my area was willing to help me as far as using them for a practicum site. This set me behind 30 days because I had to wait for the next course to open up. I had to travel over an hour away for my first practicum site and then my next practicum site for my last course is a local tech school nearby has agreed for me to be their guinea pig for their first practicum nursing student experience. Overall, I have had a really good experience in the program. I do feel they could do better at helping students find local practicum sites instead of saying, "aww... keep trying... something is out there..." I would advise for someone who wants to go to school at SU to network with other schools to get their practicum site lined up. Otherwise, I think this school has been great for me and my schedule. Melissa Loy, BSN, RN